100X Achromatic Microscope Objective for Compound Microscopes


100X Achromatic Microscope Objective for Compound Microscopes

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  • This brand new 100X (spring, oil) Achromatic microscope objective lens fits DIN standard compound microscopes
  • 100X Magnification Power
  • DIN Standard Achromatic Objective Lens
  • Spring Oil
  • 20mm Mounting Thread (in diameter)

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This is a 100X achromatic oil-immersion objective lens for DIN-standard microscopes. Intended primarily for biological applications, it is designed to work with microscopes using 160mm tube-length and 45mm parfocal distance. Achromatic correction provides improved color accuracy and resolution.

Optical System Finite
Mechanical Tube Length 160mm
Mounting Thread RMS 20.32mm
Parfocal Distance 45mm
Lens Specifications
Magnification 100X
Numerical Aperture 1.25
Corrections Achromatic
Cover-glass Thickness 0.17mm
Nosecone Spring
Immersion Medium Oil
Working Distance 0.36mm
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