IQCREW by Amscope Kids 85pc Microscope Kit + Camera +Software + Experiment Cards

IQCREW by Amscope Kids 85pc Microscope Kit + Camera +Software + Experiment Cards

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  • New from AmScope – our premium 85+ piece microscope and color camera kit with exclusive kid’s friendly software, blank and prepared slides, experiment ideas, tools, and other accessories all in a rugged ABS plastic carrying case
  • All metal high-quality microscope with precision focus optics, magnifications ranging from 120X up to 1200X*, easy focus system, two light sources, a built-in color filter wheel and much more!
  • Premium at-home or in-school lab with over 85 accessories and newly designed ABS carrying case
  • This premium kit includes a color digital USB2.0 eyepiece camera that allows your child to easily connect to a computer and download or edit pictures of specimens directly from the microscope. Exclusive kid’s friendly patent-pending software downloads easily – contains a microscope how-to section, sample specimen library, and an interactive real-time specimen image editing page
  • Save images or videos of any specimen being examined for school projects, to send to relatives or friends or to compare to professional samples
  • A great fun gift to promote STEM learning and to keep children engage with science and learning from home.
  • Recommended for children ages 8 and higher
  • Camera Software Download Windows and MAC
  • Microscope Manual Download
  • Now available – New Kid’s Friendly Software – an AmScope exclusive that makes it fun and easy for your child to use camera software.

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IQCREW by Amscope - 85+ piece Premium Microscope, Color Camera and Kid’s Friendly Software Kit

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IQCREW by Amscope Kid's Premium 85+ piece 120X-1200X Compound Microscope, Color Camera and Interactive Kid's Software Kit + Experiment Cards

This premium 120X-1200X microscope and camera kit – an AmScope exclusive - includes over 85 pieces and comes with a rugged ABS plastic storage kit. From blank and prepared slides, to tools, vials and even experiments – this kit comes with everything your child needs to get started learning about microscopes and the world of microscopy. The upgraded all-metal frame microscope has high quality optics to make viewing easy for your child and with multiple magnifications, two light sources and color filters your child can view all types of specimens with this one microscope.

The easily downloadable software – designed by engineers and teachers – has many great features:

  • Interactive interface explaining the different parts of compound and stereo microscopes and their functions
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on how to make different types of specimen slides
  • A sample library of professional images of plants, insects and animals
  • A library to store new images in
  • And an image editor that lets your child view and edit the exact image from their microscope. With the editing tools, your child can put notes on an image, crop it, add fun stamps or arrows to it and best of all select all or part of the image to save, send to a relative or friend or even include in a school report.

This premium kit comes with a set of six full-color compound microscope experiment cards. These beautifully illustrated cards will walk your child through how to use a microscope, how to make different types of slides and provide information on how to view, plants, animals, crystals and more. Easy-to-follow instructions will guide your child step-by-step through these fun and education experiments while improving their reading skills at the same time. And best of all – these experiment cards are made from virtually indestructible and washable plastic so they will last for years.

IQCREW develops products that enhance and support cognitive development. From IQCREW’s Early Explorer Series, this deluxe microscope kit and accessories makes learning simple and fun. It supports a STEM educational experience where science, technology, engineering and mathematics are combined in an interdisciplinary approach. Microscopes are an essential tool of any laboratory and this kit is an easy way for your child to view specimens at the microscopic level.

What’s in the box?

  • All Metal Microscope
  • ABS Case
  • Shrimp Hatchery
  • Graduated Vile
  • Collection Vials with Lids
  • Micro-slicer
  • Petri Dish
  • 20X eyepiece
  • Plastic Tweezers
  • Eosin Dye
  • Sea Salt
  • Gum Media
  • Brine Shrimp Eggs
  • AA Batteries (2 pieces)
  • Stirring Rod
  • Needle Point
  • Plastic Scalpel
  • Replacement Bulb
  • Slide Covers (Set)
  • Cover Slips (Set)
  • Prepared Slides (Set)
  • Blank Slides (Set)
  • Magnifier
  • Straw
  • Eyepiece Camera
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Product Manual with Experiment Cards
  • Camera Quick Install Guide

*Actual magnifications may vary

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