OMAX 3.5X-90X Trinocular Zoom Stereo Boom Microscope +18MP USB3 Camera+LED Light

OMAX 3.5X-90X Trinocular Zoom Stereo Boom Microscope +18MP USB3 Camera+LED Light

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OMAX 3.5X-90X Trinocular Zoom Stereo Boom Microscope + 18MP USB 3.0 Camera + LED Ring Light


  • Trinocular microscope body paired with a super speed 18MP (4912x3684) USB 3.0 digital microscope camera allows for use with a computer
  • 3.5X-90X zoom magnification range allows for any magnification on the range to be obtainable through the eyepieces
  • Up to 165mm (6-1/2") long working distance allows plenty of space to perform operations under the microscope such as dissection, soldering or engraving
  • Sturdy metal framework with heavy boom stand base
  • High quality optical glass elements produce sharp erect images

This is a trinocular 3.5X-90X zoom stereo microscope on a single-arm boom stand with a super speed 18MP USB 3.0 digital microscope camera. It comes with a trinocular head with super widefield optics, a sturdy single-arm boom stand, a 0.5X barlow lens, a 2.0X barlow lens, and a 56 LED ring light with adjustable light intensity. The trinocular port makes it easy to use the included microscope camera. Its 45 degree inclined trinocular oculars and high-eyepoint eyepieces (WF10X/20) ensure a comfortable observation for all kinds of users including eyeglass wearers. The single-arm boom stand allows to turn the microscope head around two different axes, letting you point microscope head in various directions. This microscope offers high resolution, super widefield of view, large 6.4:1 magnifying zoom range and a 165mm (6-1/2") long working distance with the included 0.5X barlow lens mounted.

The digital camera captures still microscope images, streams live video preview to your computer, and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (see version information below). The 0.5X reduction lens included gives your computer screen a wider field of view. The user-friendly software for Windows offers advanced features including Stitching, EDF (Extended Depth of Focus), video recording, and measurement functions. Live video and still image capture can be set in different resolutions simultaneously.

It is an ideal instrument for researchers, gemologists, engravers, and anyone in semiconductor or electronics industries.


  • Model: W43A1-D5X2-L56S-C180U3
  • Total zoom range: 3.5X-90X
  • Eyepieces: high eyepoint widefield WF10X/20
  • Objectives: zoom 0.7X-4.5X
  • Barlow lens: 0.5X and 2.0X
  • 45°inclined 360° rotatable trinocular head
  • Ocular diopter adjustment on both eyepiece tubes
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance: 1-3/4" ~ 2-3/4"(47~73mm)
  • Adjustable photo tube
  • Light path selection lever to switch between photo tube and left ocular tube
  • Auxiliary objective mount: 48mm female thread
  • Working distance: 100mm (3-15/16") without barlow lens, 165mm (6-1/2") with 0.5X barlow lens
  • Field of view: max 30mm (1-3/16") without barlow lens, 60mm (2-3/8") with 0.5X barlow lens
  • Illumination: 56 LED ring light (100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz)
  • Power Supply: 220v UK Plug w/ EU Adapter
  • Focusing rack vertical stroke: 50mm (2")
  • Metal rack and pinion focusing mechanism
  • Digital microscope camera
    - True color 4912x3684 pixels (18M pixels)
    - Super speed USB 3.0 connection
    - 0.5X reduction lens to get larger field of view
    - 0.01 mm calibration slide: 1mm/100 division
    - Frame speed: 5.6fps at 4912x3684, 18.1fps at 2456x1842, 32.2fps at 1228x922
    - Software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
    - Capturing microscope images, recording live video, measuring lengths, angles, areas, editing images
    - USB 3.0 cable included
  • Boom stand length: 22-7/8" (58cm)
  • Height of boom stand: 16-3/4" (42.5 cm)
  • Boom horizontal travel stroke: 9-1/4" (23.4cm)
  • Boom vertical travel stroke: 7-1/2" (19cm)
  • Base dimensions: 9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm)
  • Total shipping weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)

Specifications (software):

Please check the chart below for computer operating system compatibility

Packing List:

  • One trinocular zoom stereo microscope head
  • One pair of WF10X/20 eyepieces
  • One 0.5X barlow lens
  • One 2.0X barlow lens
  • One pair of rubber eyeshields
  • One single bar boom stand
  • One focusing rack
  • One 56 LED ring light
  • One 48mm adapter
  • One EU power adapter for ring light
  • One 18MP USB 3.0 camera
  • One 0.5X camera reduction lens
  • One software CD
  • One USB 3.0 cable
  • One 0.01mm calibration slide

Optional Parts and Accessories (sold separately):

  • Other various illumination solutions including backlights, and gooseneck lights
  • 0.3X auxiliary lens for increasing working distance and field of view
  • 15X, 20X, 25X, or 30X eyepieces
  • Other USB cameras for computer or monitor

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