40X-2000X 3MP Digital Integrated Microscope with LED Illumination

40X-2000X 3MP Digital Integrated Microscope with LED Illumination

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  • This digital-integrated binocular microscope is ideal for clinics, vets, and classrooms, with optional accessories for advanced applications.
  • Stream and capture live images to your computer with this binocular compound microscope with integrated 3MP camera.
  • 40X to 2000X magnification with four objective lenses and two sets of eyepieces.
  • Daylight-balanced, low-heat LED light-source provides bright transmitted illumination for viewing and imaging specimens.
  • Double-layer mechanical stage and coaxial coarse and fine focus for easy, precise adjustments.

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OMAX Digital Microscopes integrate advanced digital-imaging with precision optical-microscopy. Digital-integration promotes uniformity, and presents a simplified method for setting up and using microscopes. A simple USB connection allows you to view real-time images on your PC. The integrated camera can be used for monitoring and recording still images and video. The included Windows software features a wide range of measurement and editing tools, lending itself perfectly to the classroom or clinic with its ability to record, measure, and comment.

OMAX provides a large range of solutions for education, research, and industry. Building on industry standards, we provide a full range of accessories to suit your needs.

The OMAX MD827S30L brings photomicrography to the classroom or clinic. This hybrid design combines all of the fundamental functionality needed in optical microscopy with 3MP integrated digital imaging.

The MD827 series microscope uses a binocular viewing head. To customize the microscope to your viewing comfort, the eyepiece spacing can be easily adjusted using a simple sliding mechanism. Diopters are available on each ocular tube to fine-tune the eyepieces, and the ocular tubes are angled at 45° to accommodate sitting or standing. Various eyepieces can be used to increase the overall optical magnification without changing the camera's magnification.

The objective turret provides instant access to 4 magnification levels to easily focus in on minute details from 40X to 1000X. For traditional viewing, additional 20X eyepieces extend the maximum magnification to 2000X, and provides 8 distinct levels of magnification. The high-quality lenses are achromatically corrected to improve resolution and color accuracy.

The 2-layer mechanical stage provides smooth and precise movement for examination of specimen slides. The stage's low-position controls are conveniently placed near the coaxial focus knobs for a streamlined workflow. The LED sub-stage lighting provides cool, energy-efficient illumination. The light-source is daylight balanced to produce natural colors for imaging. Additionally, specialized condensers are available for advanced techniques, such as darkfield and phase-contrast.


Optical System Finite-conjugate
Tube Length 160mm
Head Digital-integrated binocular, 45° incline, 360° rotatable
Interpupillary Adjustment Sliding, 55-75mm
Ocular Diameter 23mm
Eyepieces 10X FN18, 20X
Objective Turret quadruple forward
Focusing System coaxial coarse and fine focus
Stage 2-layer mechanical
Stage Dimensions 140mm x 140mm
Stage X-Y Travel Range 75mm x 50mm
Specimen Holders Slide caliper
Transmitted Illumination LED
Condenser Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm, NA1.25
Sub-stage Condenser-holder Rack-and-pinion
Power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz wide-band
Dimensions 7-7/8" x 10-1/4" x 15-3/8" (20cm x 26cm x 39cm)

Objective Lenses

Magnification Corrections NA Immersion Medium Cover-glass Thickness
4X achromatic 0.10 none 0.17mm
10X achromatic 0.25 none 0.17mm
40X achromatic 0.65 none 0.17mm
100X achromatic 1.25 oil 0.17mm

Camera Specifications
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Optical Format 1/2.5"
Active Pixels 3M (2048 x 1536)
Shutter electronic rolling shutter
Capture Resolution and Maximum Framerate 4fps @ 2048x1536
10fps @ 1024x768
Connectivity USB 2.0


OS Requirements Windows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10
Hardware Requirements Intel Core2 2.8GHz or comparable processor, 2GB RAM, USB2.0 port
Windows Version
Live video preview
Captures still images and video
Exposure and white-balance controls
Image processing
Measurement tools, including lines, arcs, polygons

Packing List:

  • Digital binocular microscope head
  • Microscope body
  • 4 objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X
  • A pair of WF10X eyepieces
  • A pair of WF20X eyepieces
  • A sample bottle of immersion oil
  • Power cord (US and Canada standard)
  • Dust cover
  • Color filters
  • Extra halogen bulb (6V/20W)
  • Extra fuses
  • Mirror
  • CD (camera driver and software)
  • USB2.0 cable
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    PC & Mac
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    Magnifying Power:
    Microscope-40X to 2000X

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