For over 15 years, has been the #1 online retail store specializing in selling microscopes and accessories in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and now in the Europe. A division of United Scope LLC., AmScope has the industry’s leading a of microscopes, microscopes cameras, accessories and other related products. The company’s products are designed for professionals, students, and hobbyists and are used in laboratories, research facilities, businesses, schools and universities throughout the world. The company prides itself on providing high quality products, unbeatable prices, the largest selection, and personalized customer service worldwide.

In addition to AmScope, the United Scope family of brands includes these other great products:

OMAX The OMAX brand is our line of microscopes targeted to professionals. This high-quality line of products includes compound, stereo and digital integrated products – all priced to meet your budget.
Euromex Euromex Microscopen is a leading worldwide provider of microscopes and other optical instruments. Founded in 1966, the company has become a world-class supplier of biological and stereo microscopes. Euromex operates in more than 120 countries through distributors and resellers worldwide. This premium brand of high-quality ergonomically designed products are used widely in schools and educational institutions, clinical and research laboratories, and numerous industries. Euromex microscopes are now exclusively available in the United States on
IQCREW IQCREW® products are designed specifically for younger children. This line of educational microscopes and accessories such as books, experiments and rock or fossil specimens have been designed to keep your child learning and having fun at the same time. Our products support STEM learning initiatives and they are especially valuable to supplement a child’s at-home learning experience.
Q-scope The Q-scope product assortment includes handheld digital microscopes appropriate for numerous applications. From industrial inspection, to repair work or even dental applications, these high-quality digital handheld microscopes are a perfect solution to your needs.

Our dedicated team of product experts is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding our products. We offer high-quality items, fast shipping, and incredible customer service. AmScope’s mission is to promote interest in the advancement of science by making high-quality microscopes accessible to customers of all economic backgrounds.

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